Amelia Giller

Hello, Amelia!
How would you describe yourself – who is Amelia Giller?

Ha! This is hard. I would say I’m an illustrator and animator based out of Los Angeles who loves french fries.

What’s your interest about illustration and animation? When did you start?
I have always identified as an artist – even when I was super little. When I was nine, I went to an art day camp and saw Wallace and Gromit for the first time. The next year I insisted on enrolling in claymation camp. I have been animating ever since. In grad school at USC, I began focusing on stories about the female experience and I feel like that was the moment that I felt really good about what I make.

How much of your own personality goes into your illustrations/animations?
It totally depends on the project. I’m an Art Director at Buck Design and I can’t always insert myself into my work for our professional clients. However, in my personal and editorial work, my personality really comes through. I make a lot of drawings about farts…and I fart a lot…so yes my art really reflects my life.

Do you have any specific reason to focus on female characters? Is drawing female characters any more challenging than drawing male characters?
I just love to draw women – it’s not more challenging – it’s more fun! I love to show different types of women and their different curves, hair and fashion. I also want to empower women of all shapes and sizes through my artwork and so I draw them most often.

Can the creativity be learned later, or is it a feeling that is always within the human being?
We’re all creative, but I do think that creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised and encouraged.

You’ve got an impressive list of clients such as TED, Refinery29, Teen Vogue. How did you first get to work with these clients?
Thanks! I started to put my work online more and more while I was in grad school. I use Instagram, Tumblr and I have a Giphy page. From there, clients started reaching out! Teen Vogue was the first. I illustrated their “Ask A Sex Educator” series and always felt really excited about the material, plus I was an avid Teen Vogue reader when I was younger. I’m honestly so humbled that anyone likes to look at my work.

You have done some illustrations for Nylon Magazine. Could you please tell us more about it?Working for Nylon and AD Kayla Kern was sooo fun and chill. I’ve never had a spread in a physical magazine before, and I was thrilled when they reached out. It was especially nice because they really let me lead the project and didn’t have a lot of specific design notes. I freaked out when I found the issue (with the Broad City girls on the cover!) in Barnes in Noble in LA. There was a lot of jumping.

How do you hope people will feel when they see your works?
I hope they laugh or feel happy. I’ve realized recently that I don’t make as many “funny” pieces as I used to and that I’ve really been focusing on making things beautiful. I want to combine beautiful work with funny moments.

You sell t-shirts, pins, totes, and prints. What made you decide to put your illustrations on them?
I loved the pin craze that took the internet by storm and I wanted to join in – so I started with pins and totes. I just think it’s fun to have your designs on physical objects. I’m working on a higher end line but not sure when that will launch.

Who is the most inspiring artist for you?
It changes from day to day. I always love Matisse and Geoff McFetridge. Illustrators Xoana Herrera, Audrey Lee and I started an illustration collective called Get It Girl with producer Kaitlyn Mahoney. I’m just so inspired by Audrey and Xoy! We also have started reaching out to other women artists and I am just overwhelmed by the positive responses and artwork we’ve received.

What are your top five songs on your playlist?

What other illustrators/animators are you digging these days?
Xoana Herrera and Audrey Lee, who I also listed above. I also am really into Justyna Stasik, Agathe Sorlet, and Daiana Ruiz.

If any readers find themselves in your town… Please give us your top tips!
I am obsessed with dumplings and LA has some top-notch places. I would suggest going to Alhambra and eating your way through all of the dim sum. I also adore the Atwater Village Farmer’s Market. It’s small enough that you can really shop and large enough that there’s great variety.

Could you describe yourself in term of the following…
Colour: Off-white
Location: Los Angeles
Symbol: Breasts
Iconic actress: Kirsten Dunst
Beverage: Diet Coke
Movie: The Sound of Music
Song: Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder

Thank you!