Camilo Huinca aka Onlyjoke

Hello, Camilo!
How would you describe yourself in three sentences and three words? – Who is Camilo Huinca?

I like to think that I am funny. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I like skateboarding, field, and sea.

As an artist, you have worked in a variety of media: illustration, graphic design, painting. How did you get started?
I started working on a couple of motion graphics studios in my city. Then I become independent to seek my own way, my way of seeing things. I never liked to follow orders, so it was essential to achieve labor independence. My first clients were musical artists, small brands, and self-orders.

Curiosity has been a very useful tool in my learning. I like to do what I can think of; the best engine is when I think; What if I do this?

How would you describe your illustrative style to someone who has never seen one of your illustrations before?
I like to identify with the synthesis, be accurate in communication. I am an illustrator who manages several artistic techniques, but I try to develop a style that speaks from all forms. I like that people understand what I do, but at the same time have some difficulty in the compositions.

What separates good work from good work?
Constancy and observation.

What are your favorite subjects to paint?
I usually prefer sports, their postures, and elements. But the sensuality and the relationship between humans seems to me really fascinating. People interacting. It inspires me a lot to watch people go by, wearing dresses and portraits.

Can creativity be learned later, or is it a feeling that is always within the human being?
For me, creativity is a bridge that is built, a way of seeing things from several points of view. Having enough intelligence to choose one of these points of view, you get the record. Disciplined work and experience that leaves you.

Creativity is worked, but above all you find it. It is always within you. You just have to free yourself and show yourself as you are.

How is a day in the life of Camilo Huinca? Tell us about your daily routine.
I leave 9 am, and I ride my bike to my office, which is a few meters from my home. I try to do conceptualization exercises, sketching something related to the lyrics of a song that I like or simply portraying people who do not go beyond my window. During the noon I intern in the projects that I am developing at the moment. I try to walk through my neighborhood, go to shops and galleries.

What inspires you these days?
I am currently immersed in the human body, daily activities and behavior. Also, I am always developing new ways to represent the sport like tennis, wrestling, basketball, etc.

Where would we find you when you were not working?
I have several friends, illustrators, and industrial designers. In my free time, I like to visit friends, to understand their work and how of their creative processes.

What are your top five songs on your playlist?
Los Males Pasajeros – Love Of Lesbians
Chica de Oro – El Mato un Policia Motorizado
Crazy Baldhead – Bob Marley
Golden Cage – The Whitest Boy Alive
Birds Of Sorrow – Glen Hansard
bonus track: Soaked in Gold – Geoffroy

What book is on your bedside table?
Hablame de Amores (Tell me about Loves) – Pedro Lemebel

If you could go somewhere to escape, where would you be?
Anywhere I do not know.

What artists (past and present) have inspired your work?
Many! Most of them are related to creativity and their search for new languages, without forgetting the aesthetic sense of the compositions.

The most common are: Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Tom Wesselmann, Jacob Lawrence, Victor Vasarely, etc.

How does life in Santiago de Chile influence your creativity or the work you do?
Santiago is a city with people from various parts of the world, and their daily relationship has particular scenes in the communication of people. But I think the most important thing in Santiago for me is to walk the periphery, the slums. Learn from people, their language, and activities. The reality and the creative that can be the people with an excess of resources.

Finally, is there anything you would like the interviewers to ask you about but never do?
No, I never thought about it.

Thank you!