Mar Cerdà

As you know we are a big Sir Anderson fan. So we did this interview with Barcelona-based illustrator Mar Cerdà who makes little dioramas from Wes Anderson movies. When we saw these little dioramas-they are made of paper- we wanted to know more about her ” Wes Anderson love”. If you are a big fan of his movies like US, don’t miss to read the interview! There are a couple of dioramas from his best movies such as Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums…

Describe your path to becoming an illustrator…
I started studying cinema and audiovisuals that had a great influence on the way I illustrate, not only influenced by movies but also influenced by the way of making movies: the light, the mise-en-scène and above all the space, as I specialized in art direction. Then I had the opportunity to illustrate a children’s book so I started with this and I got hooked. I had the pleasure to illustrate more than 20 books for Spanish publishing house such as Cruïlla, Larousse, Comanegra and Mediterrània, among others. And few years ago I started doing this diorama as an independent piece, not a part of a Children’s book, and they had been displayed around the world: Barcelona, Romania and galleries from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

How did you decide to start making Wes Anderson paper cuts? How do you feel when you make them?
I started doing dioramas of things that interested me, like my city or cities I’ve been. And one day Ken Harman from Spoke Art Gallery ask me if I would consider doing my dioramas inspired by Wes Anderson’s film, as he was doing a group exhibition tribute to the director every year, called Bad Dads. I thought it was a great idea as I am a Wes Anderson’s fan. And once I tried to do dioramas of films, I couldn’t stop doing it! Wes Anderson’s films are a great inspiration and it fits very well with my way of illustrating. We both use frontal view and symmetries often.

If you would like to be Wes Anderson’s movie character which one would you like to be?
So difficult to choose because Wes Anderson has so many iconic characters! Although most of them are so sad, too… But I always have loved Margot Tenenbaum, I guess I would choose her.

Who is your favorite illustrator at the moment? 
I follow so many illustrators right now. I couldn’t pick one! I love illustrators that work with paper like Ollanski, Helen Musselwhite, Maude White, Fideli Sundqvist, etc.

Favorite books/children books? 
I loved children books when I was little. One of my favourites was a pop-up book of the Beatrix Potter’s farm. I was amazed that a whole house could fit into a book!!

If you could live in any book, which would it be in? Why?
I would probably say one of Jane Austen’s books! I’m certain I would love to to walk through those great Georgian houses.

How does living in Barcelona impact your creativity?
A lot! I love my city and everything in it inspires me. I like to walk everywhere and in all my walks I always observe the details of the buildings. I’ve drawn Barcelona a hundred times! One thing that is repeated in my illustrations (and I think is totally influenced by my city) are tiles. Here in Barcelona tiles were very popular at the end of 19th century and nowadays a lot of house still have them.

Was there a point in your life when you decided you had to take a big risk to move forward?
I guess that is working on art. There are a lot of moments that you have to take risks. Art itself is a risk!

Thank you Mar!