Thomas Hedger

Hello, Thomas!
Can you tell us about the path that you took to get where you are now?
That’s a pretty long story and the path definitely wasn’t straight but pursuing art is all I intended to do. 

How did you come in contact with illustration/art?
All children are made to draw, I sort of collided with my pencil then and have carried on since.

You have a very strong style with bold and large lines and block colors. When did you start developing your style?
Cheers! My style developed out of a love for putting pencil to paper and being fascinated by using the PC to replicate these pencil lines.

Which colours do you find yourself drawn to?
My palette changes from time to time, I am always developing the colours and how they interact with each other but I always find myself using blues and pinky reds.

What are your feelings about being an artist?
I want to be an artist, it’s definitely a lifestyle over a job. 

What are the main differences between art and illustration for you?
These is no difference, illustration is art, whether drawn in analogue or digital, it’s still art. 

To illustrate- What does it mean for you? 
I can’t quantify it…

Who and what are your influences through your work?
Human situations, colours and often overlooked, mundane scenarios – these get me going and start the whirr of pencil on scrap paper and a flux of e-mail reminders.

Three favourite artists you get inspired… 
I. love. Britart. 

What is something new you have noticed or learned recently?
I’ve noticed the water a lot recently and have been trying to recreate a linear representation of it. 
On the other side, I learnt holding down shift auto snaps a line to give you a nice easy straight edge… not sure how I missed that one?!

What is the best joy that you’ve had with the illustration?
Every time I get or complete new work, personal or professional! It’s fundamental to the constant satisfaction I get out of creating images. 

How does living in London impact your creativity?
London is full of everything. There is always a new exhibition to go to or play to see; I try to go to as much as I can and often end up most captivated by things I thought would interest me least.

Thank you!