Thomas Hedger

“Creativity definitely is within the human being, but I think it needs to be your main feeling for you to become a creative.”

It has been 3 years that we did the first interview with Thomas Hedger. Now we are doing another interview about changes in his life & style as he described it hazier tones and softer colours.

Hello, Thomas!
It seems like your style has evolved if we compare to the past years. How would you explain the changes?
I’ve been thinking about how I can make digitally created drawings softer and a bit more forgiving – the medium can be quite harsh and brutal so playing and experimenting with gradients has helped by creating subtle tones that blend and flow. Progressing my style by taking the same outlines and colours forward but using them in a different way I think perhaps gives a different feel to my work – being softer can give it a more emotive quality through better-capturing mood, which means I’ve been able to expand the topics I work with.

What three words come to mind when you think of your style?
Bold, Colourful, Hazy.

Can the creativity be learned later, or is it a feeling that is always within the human being?
Creativity definitely is within the human being, but I think it needs to be your main feeling for you to become a creative.

If we ask “which colours do you find yourself drawn to” once again after three years, would your answer be the same again? 
I’m still working with the same colour palette so I’m totally still drawn to pinks, blues and yellows, the difference now is that the colours are interacting a lot more so creating a blend or a clash involves more consideration.

The film that speaks most to your aesthetic?
I’m not sure about films that match my aesthetic but a film I find inspirational would have to be The Big Blue, it’s a beautiful film and if I can ever create anything thing that even compares I would be delighted.

What are your top five songs on your playlist?
Glass in the Park – Alex Turner (actually, this soundtrack eats up my top five…)
Sheila – Jamie T
Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
Sound of the Suburbs – The Members
Born Slippy – Underworld

What are your five must-read design books/blogs/podcasts/websites?
Current places I find myself travelling would be:
Perdiz Magazine
ToiletPaper Magazine
And always It’s Nice That

I’m half Swiss
I love cheese
I don’t love chocolate

Thank you!

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