José Antonio Roda

Hello José! 
What is the best & worst part of being an illustrator?
The best thing about being an Illustrator is the possibility to create new realities, of building your language through colors, lines, perspectives, shapes. When your job is to express yourself, it’s not a job, it’s art, it’s magic. The worst part could be to be hard on yourself, the uncertainty and that you have to spend many hours sitting.

What do you like about paper cut vs. drawing?
The first gives a new dimension to the fact of drawing. It makes me think in positive and negative parts, in shapes and volumes, and it’s even more playful than just drawing. I’m enjoying a lot with that technique and cutting with the scalpel also helps me to relax. 

If I could be any color, I would like to be…
Lately I’m quite obsessed with yellow.

What do you have on your work desk nowadays?
Too much stuff, believe me. I have to tidy it up again and again. I’m quite obsessed with the order. I don’t have so much space that is a bit complicated. I suppose that I’ve got the usual stuff like all kind of colors, pens, papers, glue, scissors… and a lot of doodles. Nothing special.

Could you give us some “how to” tips?
Just stay true to who you are and work hard. I’ve learned that lesson watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and I apply it to my job and my life every single day.

Five favourite artists that you get inspired…
A lot! Everybody can be inspiring in some way. My faves are Eduardo Arroyo, Malevich, Leger, Mariscal and Saul Steinberg.

What are the best things about living in Barcelona/Madrid? 
Barcelona is where I born and lived for 25 years, so the best things about there are family, friends, and beach. Also the weather and the attitude. People say that Barcelona is more European than Madrid. It’s a topic, but it’s true. I see Madrid as my workplace. 

Could you please tell me six places that inspire you? 
My bedroom, my bathroom, my living room, my balcony, my kitchen and my bedroom again. I need to feel safe to stay creative. Sometimes I am a bit endogamic, sorry.

What did time teach you? 
That there is not just one way to be in this life. We are always exposed to one message. You have to be successful, you have to be rich, you have to be handsome, get a great job, create a family, buy a house and go on holiday every year. That’s bullshit. Do what makes you happy, try to live off it and treat the other as you would like to be treated 🙂

Thank you!