Justyna Stasik

“I don’t think it’s about learning the creativity itself but more about figuring out how to access what’s already inside. And that is definitely something you can learn later on in life.”

Brett Stenson

“Movement beyond sitting at my desk just recharges my batteries and gives me time to think beyond just stuff on the internet. You don’t find your own voice admiring other people’s experiences.”

Martin Azambuja

“I do it because I enjoy it very much and I feel that I am fortunate to be able to work on what I like. I love that game and challenge to translate ideas, words or something intangible into an image, it's a nice game.”

PeBe Studio

“We are all creative, creativity sometimes is explosive and you have to work it. The only hard thing is to connect point A with B, and sometimes it comes with a better idea or not.”